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MLB All Trade Value Team

The trade deadline is on Wednesday so over the next 72 hours I’m sure we will hear every possible rumor about who is going where and for what. I know for me this is one of my favorite times a year especially when idiot callers make ludicrous proposals to sport radio shows. “Hey Mike, can we deal Ivan Nova, Chris Stewart, and David Adams to the Marlins for Giancarlo Stanton?” Yea of course Paul from the Bronx let’s get right on that. So to honor this special time of year I decided to do something well, special.I have stated here many times that I am an avid reader of Bill Simmons’ work first as the Sports Guy and now throughout Grantland. For years Simmons would do an NBA trade value column (usually in multiple parts with thousands of words). Now with Grantland this process has seeped over to the NFL and MLB with Bill Barnwell and Jonah Keri taking the honors. In fact Barnwell just did an updated NFL version; here are part 1 and part 2 for your reading pleasure. When they do this column they go through the whole league ranking the top 50 players. For me, I don’t have the time, resources, or dedication to take on such a task. So I’m going to shorten down the process a bit and just split it up by position.I will give one player (though I will discuss and list out others who fell just short) for each position on the field who I feel is the most valuable commodity. For your guidance I’ll also provide age and contract situation of the selected player. Because keep in mind this is not an exercise of “who is the best player?” This is living in 2013 baseball with all the contracts tied to a player that they are in real life, which complicates things. You’ll see what I mean when I go through my list. So without further ado, let’s get started. First with the backstop. CATCHERBuster Posey. Age 26. Contract: 9 Years $167 running through 2021 + 2022 option Buster Posey represents everythingthat we hope our superstars are likeThere are some positions where I thought long and hard about which names should be up here. For others it was pretty simple. Take catcher for instance. If I were doing a top 50 trade value list, despite his contract Posey would for sure be top 10 if not higher. This is due to the fact that he is a catcher and when you look into it, the contract isn’t that bad. He wasn’t signed as a 30 year old so a good portion of this deal will be during his prime. It ends with an option year to give the Giants flexibility. And most importantly, the contract has done nothing to stop Posey’s hard work. Think about this for a second. This is Posey’s fourth full season. In that time he has a Rookie of the Year, two titles, and an MVP. He is a family man who doesn’t get caught up in the notoriety of being one the best players in the game. He is what every kid dreams of being; the face of a franchise and of the game. Kind of sounds like someone us New Yorkers grew to love, eh? It doesn’t get much more valuable than that.BEST OF THE REST:1. Matt Wieters2. Carlos Santana3. Yadier Molina1ST BASEPaul Goldschmidt. Age 25. Contract: 5 Years $32 million running through 2018 + 2019 optionPop quiz, who is second in baseball at first base in WAR? Well considering who I have here I guess I gave it away. It is Mr. Goldschmidt. This was one of the tougher positions to pick a clear #1 guy. On one hand you have the home run leader and story of the 2013 season in Chris Davis. He is still just 27 years but is one year away from hitting the open market and cashing in on a big deal. Something the other guy I was possibly considering has already done, Joey Votto. While Votto may be the one first baseman I’d want the rest of this year and even through the next year or two, that isn’t what this list is trying to do. With Goldschmidt you have someone four years younger than Votto, two than Davis. He is locked up on a team friendly deal through 2017 with options in 2018 & 2019. And he is just now putting the pieces together. With enormous power in an age where hitting 35-40 home runs is like hitting 50 10-15 years ago, Goldschmidt is already one of the best players in the game. I don’t think the casual fan has yet jumped on board his train, but give it a year or two; they’ll be searching around for tickets.BEST OF THE REST:1. Joey Votto2. Chris Davis 3. Edwin Encarnacion 2ND BASEJason Kipnis. Age 26. Free agent after 2017.Again like first base, Kipnis is not the best player at this position. In fact, he’s not the second best player; Cano and Pedroia are better right now. The problem for those two is Cano is on the verge of being $180 million or so richer which cuts into his value. Pedroia did just sign a very nice deal for the Red Sox (8 years/$110 million) and actually may help the Yankees a bit decreasing Cano’s asking price. But $110 million is $110 million. The difference for Kipnis is he can still play four more years after this before the Indians have to commit any long term money to him as he will not be a free agent until after 2017. This is Kipnis’ second full season and he is making strong strides after his already promising rookie campaign. He has seen his WAR jump from 3.1 in 2012 to 3.8 WAR now. Also his average, on base, and slugging have all increased considerably. He is a star on the rise and will be cheap or relatively cheap going forward for the Indians. A much needed asset for a team trying to win a title for the first time in 60 years. BEST OF THE REST:1. Robinson Cano2. Dustin Pedroia 3. Matt Carpenter3RD BASEMiguel Cabrera. Age 30. Contract: 8 years $152.5 million running through 2015 Miguel Cabrera is just on a differentlevel than anyone else right nowI’m not kidding when I say I stared a blank screen on 3rd base for a good 25-30 minutes before typing anything. Then when I did type something it was just these two sentences because I still haven’t decided who it should be. So I’m coming back to this, finishing out the rest of the team and doing it last. I settled on (settle is really the wrong word but I’ll just go with it) Miguel Cabrera for one simple reason: he is on a different level than anyone else at this position right now. Are Manny Machado and Evan Longoria cheaper? Yes. Are Manny Machado and Evan Longoria younger? Yes. Are Manny Machado and Evan Longoria top defenders? Yes. But are Manny Machado and Evan Longoria the type of producers that Miggy are? No…they are not. Somehow the defending MVP and Triple Crown winner is better this year than last. Despite getting banged up a bit now, he is never hurt (major plus over Longoria). He is also as much a proven commodity as you can get (major plus over Machado). Because as much as we like to think Machado is proven, he still has played just over 150 games in the big leagues; that’s not even a full season. I think Machado is and will be a perennial superstar for years to come. But do I know that for absolute certainty? No I don’t, and no one can. What I do know is for the next three years Cabrera will be the best or one of the best players in the game. And for some time after, he will still be pretty darn gone good. I’ll just have to “settle” for that.BEST OF THE REST:1. Manny Machado2. Evan Longoria 3. David WrightSHORTSTOPJean Segura. Age 23. Free agent after 2018.This is not your 1990’s collection of shortstops. The age of Jeter, A-Rod, Nomar, and Tejada…those are gone. That’s not to say Segura (or Everth Cabrera, Starlin Castro, and Troy Tulowitzki) aren’t good players, because they are. But of all the positions right now, the long shot for an MVP for the foreseeable future (or at least if/when Machado moves over to the position) is shortstop. Segura you might remember came over from the Angels in the Zach Greinke trade; boy I’m sure the Angels would like a do-over with that one huh. After a decent 2012 Segura has really blossomed in 2013. He leads all shortstops in average, is third in on base, and is second in slugging. He’s already a double-double guy (11 homers 30 stolen bases) while playing on a below average team. If the pieces start to file in around Segura with the Brewers things might start to really click for this young star.BEST OF THE REST:1. Starlin Castro2. Troy Tulowitzki3. Everth CabreraOUTFIELDMike Trout. Age 21. Free agent after 2017.What can be said about Mike Trout? When a prospect comes up people love to oversell him and compare him to the moon. Many more times than not that player fails to come close to delivering on that promise. But when that player meets and even exceeds expectations, well that is why we love sports. To see the best of the best do more than we ever thought possible on the field is just astonishing. We’ve seen it with LeBron in basketball and we are seeing it with Trout in baseball. It took being in a tough division and having one of the best right-handed hitters in baseball history hit for the Triple Crown to keep him from winning the MVP his rookie year. He took the league by storm and is already regularly being compared to likes of Mickey Mantle without anyone batting an eye. He is far and away the most valuable commodity in baseball. And yet…the Angels suck. Just shows the difference between valuable in baseball and basketball/football.OUTFIELDAndrew McCutchen. Age 26. Contract: 6 years $51.5 million running through 2017 + 2018 option The Pirates put their eggs in theAndrew McCutchen basket andthey are coming away big winnersWith the Pirates on the verge of doing something they haven’t done since I learned to speak, it appears that Andrew McCutchen’s national appeal is about to explode. Yes in the baseball community, even with casual fans, we know how good he is. But the general public won’t immediately think of him when starting to list the best players in the game. Well that he is and he is the one guy the Pirates committed to when they began building a winner. And luckily for them, they committed when they had control because McCutchen has perhaps the most team friendly contract in the sport. He has five years and $58.7 million remaining on his contract. If that deal evaporated and he hit the open market, this is not an exaggeration by any means…his contract would quadruple. You let franchises like the Dodgers, Red Sox, or Yankees get a hold of this player in this position with his makeup? The sky is limit. The Pirates have the perfect building block, much like the Giants, which is why it looks like FINALLY they have a winner in Pittsburgh.OUTFIELDBryce Harper. Age 20. Free agent after 2017  Despite injuries and some inconsistent play this season you’d be hard-pressed to find any player in the game the Nationals would even pick up the phone about to hear in a deal for Harper. Playing right field now keep in mind as a high schooler this kid was a catcher. Just think about that. The type of power he has with his speed, as a catcher? If he stuck there he’d be the most valuable commodity in the game. But with the Nationals (smartly) shifting him to the outfield he drops a tick or two; but that’s all. On the cover of SI basically at 13 he had superstar written all over him at birth. He might not be there yet but keep in mind that after a big win he can’t even legally go out and celebrate with a beer. He is 20 years old! Think what you were doing at age 19/20. Well Harper was playing in the playoffs and now having the burden of being one of the co-faces of a franchise. Think your history final was that big of a deal now in your junior year in college? I didn’t think so.BEST OF THE REST:1. Giancarlo Stanton2. Yasiel Puig3. Carlos Gonzalez4. Adam Jones 5. Yoenis CespedesSTARTING PITCHERMatt Harvey. Age 24. Free agent after 2018The next big thing is here for the Mets and that's why hope is starting to grow in FlushingDon’t ever call me an un-objective observer ever again alright? This hurts a little bit inside; I’m not going to lie. Of all the pitchers in baseball and the most valuable one is a Met? It’s true. If I were the Wilpons and the Tigers called offering Verlander for Harvey I take the deepest of breathes and say no. If the Dodgers called offering up Kershaw, I pour cold water on myself, cringe, and squeak out a no as I hang up the phone. He is that good, he is that young, he is that cheap and he has that IT factor. Just take the All Star Game for example. Pitching in front of his home fans (despite not many of them knowing what he looks like) with the whole world watching he went up against this murderer’s row: Trout, Cano, Cabrera, Davis, Bautista. Giving up a first pitch double to Trout then drilling Cano on the second pitch of that at bat; he was staring at that aforementioned threesome with nowhere to turn. What did Harvey do? Strikeout, fly out, strikeout; inning over. I know that is a ridiculously small sample size to point to but as much as other sports belittle their All Star Games, baseball has a real game with real pressure. Which is why it wasn’t a shock to see Trevor Hoffman and Joe Nathan blow saves in the past; or to see Mariano Rivera go his career without allowing a run in said games. Harvey showed what he was made of that night and that is only the beginning. It’s just a matter of time before he throws a no hitter, or wins a Cy Young, or (if the Mets give him some support) is putting up 0 after 0 in the playoffs. BEST OF THE REST:1. Stephen Strasburg2. Yu Darvish3. Clayton Kershaw4. David Price5. Chris SaleThere is my list of the most valuable commodities in baseball. Let me just do a little self reflection that only one Yankee was amongst this group, and just barely…sigh. Now let the debate begin.

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MLB Trade Rumors: Updating All 30 Teams' Biggest Needs Post All-Star ...
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DETROIT, MI - APRIL 10: Wilson Betemit #24 of the Kansas City Royals ...
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MLB Trade Deadline: 5 Infielders Teams Should Target
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... his trade value and decreased the chance of him being traded
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UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga live Stream Free, Results and Highlights on 27th July from KeyArena in Seattle, Washington

Most exciting fighting event UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga starts on Saturday, 27th july from KeyArena in Seattle, Washington Don’t worry, you still can watch UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga Live Online stream from your PC for free only on here. Also, you can watch Highlights,preview, review and live score.So keep watching and enjoy your time.UFC on FOX 8 live,UFC on FOX 8 live Stream,UFC on FOX 8 Results,UFC on FOX 8 Highlights, Free to Watch here UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga live Stream Free, Results and Highlights on 27th July from KeyArena in Seattle, Washington...Match Schedule UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga Where: KeyArena in Seattle, Washington Date :Saturday, July 27Time : (FX, 8 p.m. ET) Great Boxing game between UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga . Don’t miss to watch via Internet feed on broadcast on line TV, Robert Stieglitz vs Henry Weber free streaming on the scheduled starting time above. Also get preview, recaps, score result, highlights, line-up and prediction if available. So guys If you cannot Boxing Live from your TV, don’t worry, you still can watch UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga on line stream from your PC for free only on here. Also, you can watch Highlights,preview, review and live score.Okay Robert Stieglitz vs Henry Weber fans, don’t late to watch live on line only on here.Watch the exciting fight Billy Dib vs Mike Oliver live boxing Online. Go through our link and enjoy the fight Robert Stieglitz vs Henry Weber live.The fight between Robert Stieglitz and Henry Weber that will held in germany. Competition: UFC/Fighting - us United States The Ultimate Fighting Championships/Other Fighting Events Match Details us UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Moraga Match scheduled: Sunday, July 28 from 06:00 to 10:00 UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Moraga is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held on July 27, 2013 at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The event will be broadcast live on Fox Sports. Main card Flyweight Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. John Moraga Welterweight Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger Welterweight Robbie Lawler vs. Bobby Voelker Women's Bantamweight Liz Carmouche vs. Jessica Andrade UFC on Fox 8 Main CardDemetrious Johnson vs. John Moraga Rory MacDonald vs. Jake EllenbergerRobbie Lawler vs. Bobby VoelkerLiz Carmouche vs. Jessica AndradePreliminary Card (FX)Michael Chiesa vs. Jorge MasvidalDanny Castillo vs. Tim Means Mac Danzig vs. Melvin Guillard Yves Edwards vs. Daron Cruickshank Ed Herman vs. Trevor SmithJulie Kedzie vs. Germaine de RandamiePreliminary Card (Facebook)Aaron Riley vs. Justin SalasJohn Albert vs. Yaotzin Meza Scott Harris Moraga has 61 percent of his wins by finish. Not too shabby, especially in the flyweight division. He's a violent dude (in a good way) and a strong competitor. But Demetrious Johnson pries apart game plans like an evil NASCAR mechanic. The UFC's fastest man should defend his title again. Johnson, Unanimous Decision Riley Kontek This matchup is a lot closer than people are giving it credit for. I like John Moraga and think he is capable of winning this fight. However, Johnson has consistently faced higher-level opponents and has the all-around game to make this an ugly fight. Just don't expect a finish for "Mighty Mouse." Johnson, Unanimous Decision Craig Amos Moraga wasn't one of the guys whom the UFC originally based the flyweight class around, but he's forced himself into the title picture and deserves mention alongside the division's best. That said, Johnson is systematically cutting down the best of the best at 125 pounds, and I don't believe Moraga is the guy who will halt his momentum. Johnson, Unanimous Decision Sean Smith Moraga's finishing ability is rare in the flyweight division and makes him a legitimate threat to Johnson. However, "Mighty Mouse" has taken shots from John Dodson, another heavy-hitting flyweight who also holds a win over Moraga. All it takes is one misstep by Johnson for Moraga to take the 125-pound crown, but the champion has never been stopped and should be able to score enough points with takedowns over five rounds to earn an edge on the scorecards. Johnson, Unanimous Decision James MacDonald Demetrious Johnson continues the trend of fighting flyweights with a killer instinct, following his recent bouts with John Dodson and Joseph Benavidez. Fortunately for the UFC’s 125-pound champ, his speed and athleticism appear to be kryptonite to these big hitters. And as good as John Moraga is, expect him to come out on the losing end of a decision on Saturday night. Johnson, Unanimous Decision UFC on FOX 8 live,UFC on FOX 8 live Stream,UFC on FOX 8 Results,UFC on FOX 8 Highlights,Johnson vs Moraga live,Johnson vs Moraga live Stream,UFC on FOX 8 live,UFC on FOX 8 live Stream,UFC on FOX 8 Results,UFC on FOX 8 Highlights,Johnson vs Moraga live,Johnson vs Moraga live Stream

UFC on FOX 8: Johnson vs Moraga live Stream Free, Results and Highlights on 27th July from KeyArena in Seattle, Washington Images

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The Pedroia Mistake

Nothing’s changed. When the Sox make a mistake signing a player, I still feel that it’s not my money. They’re free to pay anybody they want whatever they want. The only reason I care what they spend on a player is if they then tell me they can’t get another player because of it. So, if they want to throw money away on Pedroia, that’s fine. Just don’t tell me in a few months you couldn’t afford to keep Ellsbury. Or couldn’t afford to trade for Cliff Lee. At that point, I’ll have an issue with overpaying for Pedroia.And, clearly, they overpaid. Maybe not on a yearly basis. But, there is no way on earth they should have given a player like Pedroia eight years. For a 30-year old second baseman. That’s just insane.If this was a regular second baseman, it would still be a bad deal. But, when you look at Pedroia’s history it becomes a blunder of epic proportions. Remember this was a guy who was so selfishly concerned about his image, that he wouldn’t follow doctor’s orders when they told him to stay off a broken foot. He missed half a season because of it. Way back in A-ball, the same thing. Missed eight games after a HBP. Came back too soon, and missed fourteen more. This is a chronic problem. This is a guy who throws his body all over the field with no concern of what could happen. He doesn’t know how to take it easy to avoid injury, no matter the situation. And you just guaranteed to pay him for eight more years? That’s not even considering the erosion of his skills. When the Sox signed Crawford, the only downside that people pointed out right away was that his game was based so much on speed. When that’s the case, and you age, that half a step you lose becomes the difference between being great and merely average. Same thing with Pedroia. His entire game is based on maximum effort. His entire contribution is that he busts his butt down the line after a hit. What happens when he’s 35? What happens when giving it his all isn’t quite what it used to be? What happens when, at 36, he just can’t give it his all any more on every play? You’ll still have to pay him for two more years. With his style of play, he won’t have a steady decline. It will be a sharp drop off. And, it will happen about in the middle of this contract he just signed.And, it’s not like he can be moved to save his body. He can’t play first or DH. His power numbers aren’t good enough now to fill those slots, let alone when he’s older. He’s going to be stuck at second base even after his range becomes practically Jeterian. We can’t count on him taking it easy to save his body either. This isn’t like a regular player who you can give days off to during a season. He’ll stubbornly protect that image at all costs. So, he’ll be playing full seasons until he simply falls apart. Is Pedroia the best option at second base for the Sox this year? Yes. Next year? Most likely. Five years from now? I doubt it. Eight years from now? It would be a miracle. But, that’s where he’ll be. Creaky knees and all. 

The Pedroia Mistake Images

The Takeaway: Pedroia doesn't miss his pitch | Red Sox Blog ...
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for Dustin Pedroia. You're even reconsidering it. Just put Pedroia ...
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Joe Robbins/Getty Images Pedroia is the starting 2B for the All Star ...
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Sale drops 1-0 heartbreaker

Sox pitcher Chris Sale following 1-0 loss to the Royals Saturday night.

When it comes to quality starts, White Sox pitchers have been among the best in the business.

Reaping victories from those impressive starts is the issue that has left the Sox shaking their heads … and in fifth place in the American League Central.

All-Star Chris Sale did his part Saturday night, allowing just one run in nine innings. But that run was enough for the Royals to post a 1-0 victory before a crowd of 26,172 at U.S. Cellular Field.

The Sox rallied in the ninth and had runners on the corners with one out. Jeff Keppinger smoked a sinking liner to right that David Lough deftly grabbed with a daring dive. Not knowing if the ball would be caught, Alex Rios did not tag up to try to score the tying run from third. Pinch-hitter Conor Gillaspie then struck out to end the game.

"To tell you the truth, I don't think there's much I could have done," Rios said. "That was a hell of a play and even if I tagged up I don't think I had a chance at home. It's a tough play for us."

Manager Robin Ventura said: "If Rios goes back (and tags), and (Lough) short-hops it, he might have a chance. You would like to see him tag, but then again the guy made a great play."

Sale turned in his 16th quality start of the season. Since 2003, the Sox have made 935 quality starts, the most in the majors. This was Sale's fourth loss this season after working eight-plus innings and allowing three earned runs or less. The last Sox pitcher to lose four games with those numbers was Mark Buehrle in 2002.

The Sox have fallen to 21 games below .500 at 40-61. The last time they were 21 games below the break-even mark was Sept. 25, 2007, when they were 68-89.

"Just have to stay on the positive," said Sale, who fell to 6-10. "You can't get down on yourself or down on anyone else. Just keep grinding it out and things will turn around."

Said Ventura: "He has a lot of very good qualities. He's very competitive. He gets angry in all the right ways. That is just part of what is going to make him better down the road. He has had that all along. That is what has gotten him to this point. He ranks up there with anybody."

The Royals took a 1-0 lead in the sixth inning when Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler led off with singles before Lorenzo Cain poked a one-out double down the left-field line to produce the game's only run.

Wade Davis (5-9), who had lost his four previous outings, blanked the Sox as Kansas City won its fifth in a row. Greg Holland earned his 26th save as the Sox were limited to five singles overall.

The Royals made several sparkling plays defensively, including Cain in center field.

"That's part of playing," Ventura said. "You have to be able to overcome it and we didn't."


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Cowgirls Drop 1-0 Heartbreaker at WCWS - Oklahoma State Official ...
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Chicago White Sox: Chicago White Sox character study - OrlandoSentinel ...
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Bulldogs Drop 1-0 Heartbreaker To Brown - Yale Bulldogs
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Melissa Gavin (photo by Don Clark, Yale Sports Publicity)
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Huge increase in hand hygiene compliance to...32%!?!?

There is a lot of pressure on hospitals to improve hand hygiene compliance and it seems even more more pressure from industry to install expensive electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems. This investment might be worth it if (A) the systems accurately measure hand hygiene compliance and (B) are cost effective. One additional benefit claimed regarding these electronic hand hygiene surveillance systems (but not yet proven in the peer-reviewed literature) is that these "surveillance" systems actually improve compliance over the long haul.Last year at IDWeek, John Boyce and colleagues presented results of a quasi-experimental study analyzed using high-quality statistical methods that showed that installation of an electronic "RTLS-based" monitoring system was associated with a 36% decline in entry compliance rate (p=0.191) and 32% decline in the exit compliance (p < 0.001). These declines in directly observed hand hygiene compliance may have been driven by the fact that the badge accuracy was only 60%. Note: it would be nice to see this study published in the peer-reviewed literature. Now there is new report out of the 2013 APIC conference assessing a similar system installed at the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. The authors reported a "huge" increase in compliance from 16.5% to 31.7% over a 3-month study period. After the study period the compliance declined to 25.8%.  Some comments: (1) When your hand hygiene compliance rate is 16.5%, you could do almost anything to improve it. I would imagine having your hospital epidemiologist dress up as a clown while carrying around a bottle of hand rub would do it and doing nothing would probably do it too. That's called regression to the mean; (2) I know a 92% relative increase seems large, but when the high point is 32% compliance, I don't think headline writers and companies should get too excited and claim a "Huge increase." Humility and a call for action should probably take precedence over excitement; (3) A 19% relative decline in compliance from 31.7% to 25.8% after 3 months should give them pause, even if it's above baseline.To sum up the current evidence, electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems may be more accurate than directly observed compliance, although the jury is still out. However, there is no evidence that these systems effectively or cost-effectively sustain hand hygiene compliance improvements. In fact, based on these two abstracts, the evidence appears just the opposite. There needs to be a lot more research and work put into these systems.Image source: Uzbekistan Global Hand Washing Day (2012)

Huge increase in hand hygiene compliance to...32%!?!? Images

... Prevention: Huge increase in hand hygiene compliance to...32%
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Strategies to Boost Hand Hygiene Compliance | DebMed
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courtweek.com - Archives: 2011November 1, 2011The Law of Post ...
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courtweek.com - Archives: 2011November 1, 2011The Law of Post ...
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Jersey City, NJ, theatrical equipment company cited by OSHA for exposing workers to workplace safety and health hazards

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Acadia Scenic Inc., which builds scenery for the entertainment industry, with 22 safety and health violations, including two willful. The citations followed an April inspection, prompted by the agency's Health-High-Hazard Top 50 Local Emphasis Program and its Amputations and Combustible Dust Emphasis Program. Proposed penalties total $49,600.The willful violations, with $28,000 in penalties, were cited for a lack of guarding on hand-fed circular ripsaws and crosscut table saws. A willful violation is one committed with intentional, knowing or voluntary disregard for the law's requirements, or with plain indifference to worker safety and health.The 19 serious violations, with $21,200 in penalties, include the company's failure to keep the workplace clean and orderly; prevent accumulations of explosive dust; provide railings on stairs; establish or implement a written respiratory protection program for workers required to wear respirators; have fire extinguishers mounted and readily accessible for use; and provide an educational program on the general principles of fire extinguisher use and hazards involved for workers expected to fight incipient stage fires.The company was also cited for failing to provide machine guarding for a miter saw; provide spreaders and nonkickback devices on two hand-fed circular ripsaws; properly adjust a work rest on grinding machinery; determine each employee's exposure to methylene chloride; provide appropriate gloves and eyewash facilities for workers using methylene chloride-containing adhesives; and develop and implement a written hazard communication program that includes training for workers exposed to hazardous chemicals. A serious violation occurs when there is a substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result from a hazard about which the employer knew or should have known."Each of these hazards threaten the company's ability to provide employees with a safe and healthful work environment, and should be corrected immediately," said Kris Hoffman, director of OSHA's Parsippany Office. "OSHA will continue to hold employers responsible when they fail to protect their workers."Inspectors also cited the company for one other-than-serious violation, which carries a $400 penalty, for not recording a workplace injury on the employer's OSHA Form 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. An other-than-serious violation is one that has a direct relationship to job safety and health, but probably would not cause death or serious physical harm.Acadia Scenic Inc. has 15 business days from receipt of the citations to comply, ask for an informal conference with OSHA's area director in Parsippany or contest the citations and proposed penalties before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.Related articlesOSHA fines two companies $130,500 for trenching hazards at Kearny, NJ, siteOSHA Targets Occupational Exposure to IsocyanatesOSHA settles with Nebraska-based ConAgra Foods to protect workers from anhydrous ammoniaOSHA fines South River, NJ, masonry contractor nearly $91,000 for fall, scaffold hazardOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety and Health Topics: Heat Stress

Jersey City, NJ, theatrical equipment company cited by OSHA for exposing workers to workplace safety and health hazards Images

Ambiente | PRODINCA
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Environmental, Risk Management & Safety, Inc. > About Us > Our Company
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An Psalm arrangement by Justus Jonas

                                    Psalm 124. von Justus Jonas "Wo Gott der herr nicht bey uns helt"                                        aus Geystliche Lieder Leipzig 1563 gedruckt bei Ernst Vögelin

An Psalm arrangement by Justus Jonas Images

File:Psalm-Justus-Jonas.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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... Sebastian Bach, Psalm-related compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach
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Mackielycious: Late Justus Esiri's Burial Arrangements
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The Roman Empire lives on in many Science Fiction stories, today.
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Peyton Manning, Ryan Clady, Champ Bailey highest-paid Broncos ...

Six players comprise $63.75 million of the Broncos' estimated $123.9 million payroll in 2013, or 51.4 percent. Here are the top six paid Broncos in 2013.via http://blogs.denverpost.com/broncos/2013/07/20/highest-paid-broncos/20300/

Peyton Manning, Ryan Clady, Champ Bailey highest-paid Broncos ... Images

Peyton Manning, Ryan Clady, Champ Bailey are the highest-paid Broncos ...
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Peyton Manning, Champ Bailey lead five Broncos NFL Pro Bowl selections ...
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- SEPTEMBER 30: Quarterback Peyton Manning #18 of the Denver Broncos ...
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Denver Broncos practice Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at Dove Valley ...
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

UEFA Europa League 2013-2014 - 2nd qualifying round

UEFA Europa League 2013-2014  (2nd qualifying round – 2nd leg)25 July 2013 – Štadión MŠK Žilina, Zilina (Slovakia)MSK Zilina  (Slovakia) vs  NK Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia)    2-0     Referee: Jakob Kehlet (Denmark)Assistant Referee : Lars Hummelgaard (Denmark)Assistant Referee : Jakob Bille (Denmark)4th Official: Jens Maae (Denmark)

UEFA Europa League 2013-2014 - 2nd qualifying round Images

Europa League: Crusaders 1-3 Fulham – Matthew Briggs & Timmy Adamson ...
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Europa League: Liverpool 3-0 FC Gomel (4-0 Agg.) – Glen Johnson ...
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Fulham v RNK Split UEFA Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round 2nd Leg ...
(538 x 766 - 74.94 KB - jpeg)

UEFA Europa League 2013/2014 - 1st Qualifying Round - Soccer ...
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Liputan6 - RSS 0.92 Liputan6.com merupakan situs berita aktual, tajam, terpercaya yang dimiliki SCTV // via fulltextrssfeed.com  Haus dan Lapar Saat Ramadan Tak Halangi Easycapella Tampil Total Jul 27th 2013, 07:08

Oleh Desika Pemita

Posted: 27/07/2013 12:45

Haus dan Lapar Saat Ramadan Tak Halangi Easycapella Tampil Total

Easycapella (Liputan6.com/Desika Pemita)

Liputan6.com, Jakarta : Haus dan lapar, memang dirasakan personel Easycapella saat harus tampil di hadapan penonton. Namun, itu bukan hambatan bagi kelompok nasyid yang digawangi Dwinanto, Oki, Septri, Adit dan Alam untuk memberikan penampilan terbaiknya. Justru, Ramadan adalah tantangan tersendiri bagi Easycapella.

"Namanya bermusik lewat mulut, pasti haus akan terasa. Tapi, itu bukan halangan. Kami tetap semangat untuk tampil," kata Septri.

Hal itu dibuktikan Dwinanto dan kawan-kawan saat berkesempatan tampil di salah satu perhelatan nasyid. Easycapella bisa tampil dengan membawakan hingga 7 lagu yang dinyanyikan secara akapela.

Easycapella memang kelompok nasyid yang memang terbentuk dengan latar belakang hobi nyanyi para personelnya. Jadi, rintangan dalam Bulan Ramadan dianggap hal kecil bagi Easycapella.

Easycapella terbentuk 2011 silam. Meski belum terlalu lama, Easycapella telah banyak mewarnai dunia nasyid. Easycapella juga beberapa kali mengecup manis kemenangan dalam berbagai perlombaan baik di tingkat daerah maupun nasional.

Jika biasanya nasyid hanya menjamur kala Ramadan, Easycapella tetap melanjutkan perjalanan mereka dengan menjadi munasyid meski Ramadan usai. Easycapella akan tetap konsisten dengan nasyid. Mereka berharap nasyid bisa diterima oleh semua pecinta musik, tanpa melihat usia atau jenis kelamin.

"Kami berharap dunia nasyid akan lebih maju dan tak dianggap sebagai musik `akhirat` saja," pungkas Septri saat ditemui sebelum mengisi acara di salah satu stasiun televisi.(Des)

Berita Rekomendasi Raja Dangdut Nyapres, Seperti Ini Reaksi Ratu Dangdut Nikita Mirzani Pamer Foto Ciuman Hot dengan Vokalis Band Ario Bayu: Soekarno Bukan Manusia Sempurna! Cinta Laura Akui Dekat dengan Raffi Ahmad, Tapi... Lukman Sardi Tolak Mentah-mentah Peran Eyang Subur Berita Populer Foto Berjilbab, Stella Cornelia JKT48 Sempat Tuai Kontroversi Bella Saphira Resmi Jadi Mualaf Ini Dia Foto-foto Ketiga Anak Mulan Jameela Bella Saphira Masuk Islam Tanpa Paksaan Calon Suami Temani Bella Saphira Jadi Mualaf?

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