Friday, August 30, 2013

KIM Han-sol - Episode IV, Striking Back At The Empire?

KIM Han-sol will study political sciences in Sciences Po Le Havre  (see "Un petit-fils de Kim Jong-il à Sciences po" (20130827 - L'Express).The first time KIM Jong-nam's son (KIM Jong-un's nephew, KIM Jong-il's grandson, KIM Il-sung's great-grandson - NB: nothing to do with KIM Yu-na) made the world headlines was when he distanced himself from the North Korean dictatorship as Elisabeth REHN interviewed him for Yle, Finland's public broadcasting company (see videos below):The teenager was then studying at the Mostar campus of United World College because Hong-Kong authorities didn't grant him a student visa, and BIH was a friendlier destination. Han-sol had less trouble living in another SAR, Macau, where his dad majored in Gambling magna cum laude, with an exchange student experience at Tokyo Disneyland University, and a Master's Degree in Fashion Disasters.KIM Han-sol will not study at the main Sciences Po, the prestigious IEP Paris, Rue Saint-Guillaume. But Le Havre campus does makes sense: that's the one devoted to Europe-Asia, all courses are delivered in English, and there's even a Korean language program.The main news, of course, is that a fourth generation KIM is venturing into politics, and for the first time, with notions of actual democracy reaching beyond the experience of life in a Western democracy. And if you don't like KIM Han-sol's ear piercing, that's another positive leap forward from the previous generation:KIM Jong-nam majored in Gambling magna cum laude at Macau International School of Jokers, was an exchange student experience at Tokyo Disneyland University, and got a Master's Degree in Fashion DisastersSeoul Village 2013Welcome to our Korean Errlines! Follow Seoul Village on Facebook and TwitterBookmark and ShareAdd this page to your favorites Copyright

KIM Han-sol - Episode IV, Striking Back At The Empire? Images

KIM Han-sol - Episode IV, Striking Back At The Empire?
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KIM Han-sol - Episode IV, Striking Back At The Empire?
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An infographic retelling Star Wars Episode V 'The Empire Strikes Back'
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Summary: Jack and Jerry both start working at a shoe store in the mall ...
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